Construction Services

Caba Homes started as a residential construction company and we have a part of our business that is solely focused on this.  From small projects to turn key custom homes, our goal is to work closely with our clients to maximize their investment and create the product they love.  Along the way we have identified a couple of things that help achieve this, and so you know what to expect here is what our process look like.

Initial Meeting: The first thing we will do is visit with you to get to know you and your project.  The goal is to learn how you will use your new space and identify the big vision.

Rough Budget: Cost is always a concern; however it is next to impossible to identify an accurate cost without knowing the exact scope of work and products used.  It’s also difficult trying to identify how far you want to take the project without knowing how much things cost.  So our best attempt to solve this problem is to start with a rough budget that itemizes your vision for the project with numbers assigned to those line items.  The cost identified for those items are generated from our previous experiences and the goal is to establish a ball park range of cost for the project.

Scope of Work: Once the rough budget looks good, we start working to identify a specific scope of work.  Here we will spend time looking at products being used and material quantities.  We also bring in any sub-contractors that will be working on your project.  This is so they can look at the project beforehand, give us a quote and you have the opportunity to meet them.  Our goal here is to identify the work to be done and the actual cost of the contract.

Contracts: Once everything looks good and all the decisions have been made we will present contracts that clearly define specifics so nothing is left undone.



Caba Home Care Program

Caba Home Care was founded out of our time with customers in their homes. We realized a need to help people manage and maintain their homes outside of a renovation. Our routine maintenance program allows us to create on going relationships and serve you on a different level. We start with a property assessment, very similar to a property inspection when you buy a home; this is where we get to know your home. We go through your home and put together a report of the overall condition. We give you our opinion and recommendations, then put you on our schedule and start the relationship.

Home Manager: Your home manager is the one who does the property assessment and the one who shows up every quarter to perform your quarterly checkup. He serves as the single point of contact to streamline communication and coordinate services.

Quarterly Visits: This is what allows us to stay in front of potentially large issues. Each quarter we show up with a list of things to review and maintain. We take notes of what we look at, what we did and any recommendations we have. This is also a great opportunity to book us for an extra hour or two and let us take care of your list of to-do’s around the home.

Value – Add Services: In an effort to make your life as easy as possible we offer a range of services to completely manage your home. Things like lawn services, gutter cleaning, maid services, ect. You tell us what you want and when you want it. Whether it’s a one off job or a routine scheduled service, your home manager will take care of it.

Comprehensive Records: We keep up with everything for you. Every visit, bill and service performed. We keep records of everything we do so you don’t have to, and if you ever need it, it’s a phone call (or email) away.



Home Maintenance Services

You do not have to be a Caba Home Care member to utilize our services. We are here when you need us. From hanging a picture on a wall to a larger repair, we will give you an estimate and time frame for whatever you need.



Realtor Services

Buying or selling a home can be complicated. We want to serve realtors and their clients. Whether it’s sprucing up a home and curb appeal to get ready to sell or taking care of needed repairs for a closing, our goal is to help you reduce days on the market and improve property value.